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Welcome to The Business Collective!

We are 2 businesses in 1 offering a fresh approach to ethical and socially responsible practice. Keeping it local is also a key principle of ours so we will be operating on a county-wide basis.  We are starting in Hampshire so, currently, these services are only available to Hampshire based organisations. For just £45.00 per annum, check out what you get!

Firstly, we are a membership based organisation who, collectively with our members, want to make a difference! We want to share our time, knowledge and resources with likeminded people; people who, through their professional capacity, want to engage in ethical and socially responsible practices. People who want to connect with others who share a common purpose and want to know that their endeavours make that difference.

Our Brokerage service is a not-for-profit organisation that will allow you to provide an ‘Offer’ to a fellow member and  make a ‘Request’ for something in return.  All ‘Offers’ will be pooled and communicated via our website and you can either ‘Request’ something that is already there or stipulate what would be of greater benefit.Initially, our suggestion is one Offer/Request per year but we know that some members are keen to do more! If you feel so inclined, then please do – the only condition is that all new exchanges involve both an Offer and Request!

Offers and Requests fall into the following 5 categories:

Professional Expertise - x no hours of your core service i.e. hair dressing, PR, tuition, children’s entertainer, secretarial support

Physical Resources – use of a board room, photographic studio, lock up or sports field

Career and Leadership Development – mentoring, internships and placements, shadowing, work experience

Financial Contribution – specific sum of money to fund a particular activity i.e day trip to the seaside or to purchase a new laptop

A Day in the Life – a rare opportunity to spend a day with an organisation of your choice to see what life is like in an entirely different place

Our 2nd business is a limited company that offers affordable ‘support services’ from local, highly experienced and socially responsible consultants.  Our expertise extends across all sectors and from all disciplines such as HR, IT, Sales and Marketing, Project Management and PR.  Please see our Consultancy Services for more details. An on-line Forum will be actively maintained with a view of sharing best practice, offering thoughts and suggestions and links and generally getting to know our fellow members! Furthermore we will host an annual conference and talks that will allow relationships that are forming ‘virtually’ to develop further and provide current thinking from experts in the field of ethical and socially responsible practices.

We hope that to whatever extent you utilise your membership you will find it a positive and enriching experience.

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The launch of The Business Collective – 22nd June 2012