At our 3rd Annual Conference we considered our supply chains as part of a rounded approach to social responsibility. It is not just the multi-nationals who must consider their supply chain; we all have a duty of care, we all buy and sell … the question is from (and to) whom?

The conference was thought-provoking and inspiring and allowed us to reflect on current issues, ask probing questions and participate in a debate to help us make more informed decisions about our customers and suppliers.

The key message was: how much do you know really about the behaviour of those you buy from and sell to? Are they conducting business in a thoughtful, ethical way, or do they just talk about it?

Representatives from business, local government and charities came together to listen to our speakers make a compelling case for responsible business and ethical behaviours in an effort to support our local economies and communities. Our speakers were:

David Watts – Director, UK Youth

Will Hughes – Business Excellence Director, Osborne Property Services (and winners of The Business Collective’s 1st CSR Award)

Paul Barrett – Brand Manager, Fyffes

The charity we supported were is UK Youth.

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